Valentina Piacenza

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Valentina Piacenza was born in Cirič the 9 of June 1977 . She lives in Pollone, near Biella where she frequented the elementary, the medium-high school and the Classical Lyceum G. e Q. Sella.
In 1996 she moved to the Giudecca Island to enroll in the course of Decoration at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.
Thanks to the scolarship Socrates-Erasmus in 1999 she studied for one semester at the Lathi Polithecnique in Finland. From August to December of the same year she enrolled at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where, after taking a course of paper sculpture, she started working at the production of hand-made paper and collecting and gathering of special papers.
During the last year of university she took part in a project of redecoration of the First Aid of the Hospital Burlo Garofolo in Trieste and to the organization of a series of playing and drawing laboratories for the children recovered in the hospital and for the ones of the Ludoteca "The moon in the well" of Venice.
Since her childhood she has been a passioned animal drawer and once back from Boston she start a research on the frog, guide spirit symbol of reborn and transformation, that ends up with her thesis "Iconography of the frog and the toad" and her graduation in Venice with 108/110 in February 2001.
The frog became the subject of a series of whatercolours and illustrations for two children stories: "The toad and the moon" and " Gedeone wakes up".
Once back from a couple of months studying Spanish at the University Esade in Barcelona, she worked at the Territory Museum of Biella for the parietal decoration of the exhibition: "The secret of a collector: the wonderful collections of Cassiano dal Pozzo" and afterwords inside the museum as guide and organizing children laboratories
. She worked as an art teacher in the medium-high school Schiapparelli in Biella for four months and in February 2003 she moved to Perth, Western Australia to study Art Therapy at Edith Cowan University where she graduated one year after with a postgraduate diploma.
Once back in Italy, she showed at the gallery "Il gelso merlino" in Biella, the compendium of a year introspective search: a hand-made paper illustrated book "Real world and imaginary world" together with a series of crocodiles and boab-trees guaches and monotypes.
From the travels in Finland, United States, Australia, Sry Lanka and India originate a series of travel journals that have been shown in Catania at the "Salone del libro di viaggio", in Arona at the "Biennale del libro di viaggio" and in Clermont Ferrand at the "Biennale du carnet de voyage".
Her Australian travel journals have been shown in Genoa at Palazzo Ducale in a one-man show of 40 paintings "The outback colors" for the 5th edition of the Chatwin Price
For the past 4 years she has been working as coordinator of the stylist group for men, women and accesories knitwear collection of the family company F.lli Piacenza.

Exhibitions and contests:
  • April 2000: third place at the photography contest "Fotogenika 2000"
  • June-July 2000: exhibition in Bremen
  • October 2001: participation at the contest North West Passages in Biella
  • September-October 2002: price "Assessore Urbanistica Provincia di Vercelli" at the national contest of contemporary painting "Santhiā"
  • August 2003: participation at the exhibition of contemporary painting "New Degate Machinery Field" in New Degate, Western Australia
  • October 2003: participation at the exhibition "Art Therapy drawings" in Perth, Western Australia
  • Genuary-February 2004: one-man show entitled "Real world and Imaginary world" at the gallery "Gelso-Merlino" in Biella
  • May 2005: price "Bianchetti Antonella Ponzone" at the national contemporary painting contest "Zanolo S.P.A" in Trivero
  • May-June 2005: price "Presidente Societā Amici dei Fiori di Firenze" at the national contemporary painting contest "Santhiā"
  • 26-30 November 2005: participation to the 1st international event of Floating Art on the river in Florence.
  • 24-26 February 2006: participation to the "Salone del libro di viaggio" in Catania
  • 17-19 November 2006: "Il faut aller voir" participation to the 7th edition of the "Biennale du Carnet de Voyage" at the Polydome in Clermont Ferrand
  • 15-17 June 2007: participation to the " Biennale del libro di viaggio"in Arona
  • 20 June-20 July 2007: participation to the exhibition "Viva 3: arte, sport e solidarietā" with the installation "Surfer dreaming" at the Arena Gianni Brera in Milan
  • 15-25 November 2007: "The outback colors. Australian travel journals, drawings and watercolors" one-man show at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa for the Chatwin Price festival
  • 15-17 December 2007: one-man show at the BNL in Biella for the Telethon Marathon