Valentina Piacenza

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THE OUTBACK COLORS. Australian travel journals, drawings and watercolors

In the 6th edition of the Chatwin Price, a festival competition of travel reportage dedicated to the English writer and traveler Bruce Chatwin, preview of "The outback colors. Australian travel journals, drawings and watercolors" one-man show of 40 paintings ( 100 x80 cm) edited by Luciana Damiano and David Bellatalla (Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, from 15 to 25 November 2007.)
«The ancients sang their way all over the world. They sang the rivers and ranges, salt-pans and sand dunes. They hunted, ate, made love, danced, killed: wherever their tracks led they left a trail of music. They wrapped the whole world in a web of song»
Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines